Tlharihani FET College is an education training and development institution which offers of business and technical skills training, the purpose of the institution is to equip historical disadvantaged individuals with business and technical skills training that will enable learners/ graduators  to be employable or start and manager their own business. Tlharihani FET College is an answer to increase shortage of business and technical’s skills.

The institution is located at Mamaila/ Phaphadi village Giyani main road next to Vahlavi bricks it is located + and – 25km from Giyani town and greater Letaba municipality/ Deviskloof. The college is started in 2002 is also the institution which is accredited from the following sectors department of education


Tlharihani FET College sees itself as the biggest training Centre in the next four years within South Africa to improve the standard of living in our community and is committed to developing the skills of our  for the well as preserve our culture


In fulfilling our vision, we will achieve this by developing various skills of youth and adults, provide job opportunities for the unemployed, provide sound investments to sustain the institution and make the community to realize that with sound mind and developed skills, people can turn communities into a successful socio- economic sector.